“Where’d You Go?”

Dear friends,

Thank you for your feedback and for asking where I’ve gone!

Things got really busy in September of last year and haven’t slowed down yet! So, I’ve only been able to get a blog a month out.  Until I have time to write more here, you can find my monthly blogs on the dotMagis blog of  Loyola Press.


My latest blog is out today and can be found here:



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6 thoughts on ““Where’d You Go?”

  1. I have read your piece at Ignatian Spirituality with interest. I do not know Jean-Pierre de Caussade yet but will investigate. Interesting that you had contact with the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at Chigwell since that convent is just 20 miles from my home. Please do keep writing.

    • HI Peter,
      How are you doing? What a small world! When you first wrote to me, for some reason, I thought of Chigwell Convent. I never imagined you lived so near to it!
      Thank you – I will keep writing – although a little less these days. My mother passed in September and I am taking care of my father now. It’s been a huge change of life, with many tears, so I’ve had less time to get my thoughts on paper.
      Do check out Jean Peirre de Caussade – I think you will like his work. “The Sacrament of the Present Moment” also goes by the name (different translators) “The Joy of Full Surrender” and, the original title, “Abandonment to Divine Providence.” It’s all the same work which is a compilation of his talks to sisters in a convent in France. These sisters thought his words were so profound that they took notes and, over time, put them together in this little volume. It is little – only 90 pages. However, it’s a slow read because it’s dense and full of pearls of wisdom and, at least for me, it takes me time to digest the material on each page. I highly recommend it!
      Regards to your family.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to respond, Rebecca. I’m sorry to hear about your late mother but she is safe now in her eternal home -no more pain or suffering. The keyword with your father is probably patience. I am getting older now and have a tendency to forget things – don’t be too hard on him if he forgets too. I will pray for you in all this.
    So far as Jean-Pierre is concerned I will certainly check him out as he has had such an influence on you and your work.
    I know we live a long way apart but please remember I am always here for you if you need me. A scream or plates thrown in the air – email me and I will listen. May God bless you and keep you in His (or Her) embrace.

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